just a few facts about me

Benjamin Hanke

Wirtschaftsinformatiker (B. Sc.)

I'm born in 1988 in Heidelberg and I'm 32 years old. I'm working on interesting and international projects at the Berner Group all over the world. As a freelancer I accompany a lot of successful customers and satisfy their requirements. I unify many skills as a designer, as a programmer and as a consultant to create universal solutions that fits perfectly to your needs.


in programming languages, techniques and methods


Web Programming: PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java  //   Process Automation: Batch, AutoIT, VBS, VBA  //   Frameworks: jQuery, Bootstrap  //   Structure: UML, XML, MVC

Responsive Design

A lot of mobile devices surfing the WWW, you cannot ignore that. It's necessary to layout, design and create a responsive website for all devices.

Design and Print

You need a logo for your brand? You need business cards or a complete corporate design? Have a look on my work for example.


What is important for an onlineshop? - Good layout and responsive design, keep an eye on performance, CRM functionalities, automatic processes and a lot more!

Talk to each other

It is very important to understand your requirements. Every request and solution is individual and I try to find the best way for you but with your help.

Love what I do

I love what I do because I do what I love. My own company is more like a hobby, it's fun to help other people.


Let's have a look to my work

Bastelverlag Andreas Dietz

Corporate Identity


Magento Shop

AWO Rhein Neckar Freizeiten

Freizeitangebote 2014 Brochure

AWO Rhein Neckar Freizeiten

Freizeitangebote 2013 Brochure

AWO Rhein Neckar Freizeiten

Freizeitangebote 2012 Brochure

AWO Rhein Neckar Freizeiten

Postcard 2014

Ich und Wir

Corporate Identity for a young startup

Ich und Wir


Domin Immobilien

Corporate Identity


POS system in HTML5

AWO Spielmobil


Feuerwehr Spechbach



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